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Shamanic Fashionista Artist - Spiritual Entrepreneur

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Selflove Jan
Wellness and Spiritual Consultation in Hong Kong
Merging art, design and fashion concepts with ancient shamanic, yogic wisdom into a lifestyle and daily practices for the busy modern society.

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We Offer help to individuals, family, couples, group, companies and charities. 

We focus on guiding people to love and value themselves, to take care of our physical and mental health. 

Specialize in Yoga, Sound Therapy& Journey, Card Reading, Spiritual Coaching , Relationship Consultation

Other Services : Emotional and Personal Growth, Art Therapy, Dream Analysis
Shamanic Practice, Angelic IET Healing,Reiki Master, Past Life Regression

Courses: Inner Yoga Class, Meditation, Card Reading and Energy Healing Courses. 

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All products are well taken care of, with loving energy from  Mother Earth.

They are from all over the world, with a limited collection of Indian, Tibet and Nepal. 


The special and uniqueness of my products 

Sometimes you do not find the ordinary properties from my crystals or the sacred objects, because I usually channel and feel what they can truly bring us. 


I hope you can also enjoy connecting with them, let them be in your daily routine, spiritual team and emotional support. xx


Services and Products


Phone: +852 57413819

Facebook: Selflove Jan

Instagram: Selflove_jan

Youtube: Selflove jan

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