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親子關係與兒童的療癒是我一直好想關注,平日的hidden service













藝術治癒與頌缽療癒服務,我們先給孩子空間,去發揮自己,家長從旁去靜靜了解子女的心聲,也要學習 有些時候放手讓孩子自己來;

然後我們會使用頌缽的聲頻為家長與孩子放鬆及治癒,療癒類樂器 有助我們大腦放鬆、釋出出情緒,同時能夠刺激兒童的感觀,同時帶來心情平靜。












HKD 1500/1 hour 

Follow up every month HKD 1111
English version 


Art in Assessment and Therapy Practitioner, Approved by IBCCES | Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Fashion Marketing & Management


所有服務以Selflove Jan網頁為準 最終決定權歸本公司所有



Parent & Children Art & Sound therapy 


Most of the time, our major healing “assignments” are to heal our childhood. When we were kids, we were not able to speak up and protect ourselves. We all have been experience unforgettable traumas in our childhood, and issues with our parents. Those emotion would become untouchable if we didn’t release or heal them when we were little, then they are going to become blockages to hold us back in our adulthood. 


This has been a project that I have been wanting to officially launch, since this is one of my hidden services.
If we can grow up  receiving love and support from our parents, we could be in a healthy relationship with ourselves & our partners, having a career that we enjoy and a balanced mental  health. 

Therefore, my goal is to assist parents to understand the unspeakable voice and subconsciousness from their beloved children, learn how to love and support them. The most important part is to heal the childhood trauma from you, as parents.

This has been a pattern from our society and ancestors. When you didn’t receive love from your parents, and didn’t heal and relearn it, you might not be able to love unconditionally with support for your children, so we are going to help parents and kids together in love harmony. 


Art therapy is not just about drawing houses, trees and people, it is about drawing what it is hidden inside, all the emotions, shame, fear, anger, into imagery, so we can see, touch, understand and release them. Being able to understand ourselves and be understood are very important to us, this is how we build our safety nest, confidence and self value. 


Followed by Tibetan bowls healing, the frequency of these healing instruments are able to activate our brainwave, to put us in Delta wave, to stimulate the senses of children and help them to relax. 


This session is suitable for every children, especially for those who are sensitive (star and crystal children)

-To understand what they are feeling inside

-To know how is their school life, their self esteem, difficulties and worries

-Parents-children Relationship

-Other Mental and well-being

-Unexplainable mental, life and psychical situation.



Art in Assessment and Therapy Practitioner, Approved by IBCCES | Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Fashion Marketing & Management

Art & Sound Therapy cannot replace traditional and western medicine, please consult your doctor for advice.

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