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Card Reading / Spiritual Consultation


What I offer during our consultation / reading ? and What is special about my style.

I'd say I am not a fortunate teller nor psychic, I do not just predict your future. 

I mixed the technique of card reading, channeling, coaching and therapy into to guide you back to your heart and your present, to provide you a method and solution to a better future, and empower you to be a loving version of yourself. 


我的咨詢服務是集合了 直覺占卜​、Channeling、藝術心理、情緒管理及Coaching的技巧,我不會重點為你「預知未來」,但我能夠引導你回到當下,回到內心,讓你能夠找到令你人生變得更好,讓你重回愛自己的路上。


I do my reading and consultation in an intuitive way, with various of decks, tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards, osho and goddess decks etc

Therefore, there is no specific "time limit" for the result, it might or might not change after 1-3 months, because it all about whether you are doing something to change your pattern OR the situation you asked are quite steady. 

If you are asking something about getting back to your ex, but you did not do any action , the result might remain the same after 3 months, vice versa if you make a bold move after the reading next day, definitely the result is gonna change positive if you followed the divine guidance.






What can you ask?


I would say anything that is important or that is bothering you. Or when you are very emotional and vulnerable


Your Love Life / Career / Finance / Personal Growth / Health/ Family / Spiritual Growth / Emotional issues / Mental Health 


關於 愛情、人生轉變、健康、事業、金錢、個人成長、靈性心靈成長等等也可


I provide my service online and offline, from face to face to phone call / whatsapp voice message. And there is no different. 

Why? and How this works?

I do my reading through spiritual connection, and with your permission of reading your energy, we do not need your full name, date of birth and pictures, it's all about heart to heart connection and with the divine. 

Just choose what it's suitable for you, some people prefer voice messages, so they can stay relax at home and also listen to the voice messages again like a healing podcas; while some people love to meet face to face so they can say whatever they want freely. 





​有些人喜歡面談,有些人卻喜歡在家舒服的訊息錄音占卜、有些工作忙碌的喜歡lunch time電話占卜、有些有時差在外地的喜歡留下問題,我給他們報告,讓他們有時間才看慢慢沉澱消化。

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