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Selflove_jan 創辦人 Jan

(Shamanic name-Guardian of love)


在傳統教育的女校裡的失敗 積累了不少傷痕;



逃離了香港,去到自由的國家,在慢活的節奏-另一套教學方法下學習Art與Fashion marketing





希望透過自身經歷能療癒你受傷的心 令你重新相信愛情愛自己,也希望能慢慢將藝術fashion and beauty連同wellness and spiritual帶入日常生活裡。


療癒工具: 薩滿療癒 直覺占卜 天使療癒IET 前世今生 女神療癒 解夢Reiki Master 情緒藝術治療

Jan (Guardian of love)

My Spiritual Journey

I was always curious about astrology, horror stories and tarot card when I was small. I had my first tarot card reading when I was 17, until I met my Twin Flame, my spiritual journey has officially started. 
I have had my moment, dealing with the sadness and hopeless life, Fortunately, I got a chance to escape from my reality-Hong Kong. 
I spent time on myself to refocus and go deep to the inner journey. 
I had my first tarot card and yoga class in United States while I was supposed to be studying for fashion marketing haha. I experienced the Shamanic culture and found part of my soul near one of the vortexes. 

I am so grateful and thankful to have a chance to be a reader, healer and shamanic practitioner. 

I hope I can give you guidance and love, so you can trust again.

Specialized in Twin Flame +Love and Relationship+ Self love Healing 

Service-Card Reading, Angelic Healing, Reiki, Past Life Regression and Shamanic Soul Healing, Dream Analysis and Healing




Business Location:
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

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