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Sound Healing Journey 聲音療癒旅程 

聲音、音頻、振動是我一直以來都很喜歡的療癒方式,自接觸kundalini yoga 起開啟了唱頌的膽量,薩滿療癒讓我感受到我鼓聲及樂器的強大療癒力,開始購入了不少樂器加入我的療癒服務裡,在印度遊歷修行時終於正式跟隨來自巴西的老師學習薩滿南美原住民style的sound healing technique; 其實聲音療癒除了是古老部落文化,也是相對較科學化,其實我們地球、身體、細胞、器官都是由vibration 振頻組成,而我的聲音療癒技巧包含了大自然聲音及4元素的調節、療癒的頻率。


Sound healing is an ancient yet scientific way of healing, for our body, mind and spirit. Everything is made of vibration, our world, body, cells, organs, tissues. Many tribes, Native American and shamans have been using this method to heal our souls. 


在sound bath and sound journey 裡因為樂器create 的wave - Delta可讓我們身心放鬆,改善身體、情緒、壓力問題、Theta讓我們感受與處理平日接觸不了的潛意識問題,最厲害是讓生命裡不停出現的program不再重複,reprogram 美好的,讓我們得以重新活出生命。同時不同的樂器會觸碰我們不同的情緒,引導我們去感受了解自己。


For sound healing, through accessing to our brain wave, delta and theta wave. there are many benefits and scientific effects, especially on the subconscious level, which we don’t have access to in our daily life or when we are totally awake. That’s why this is more effective for finding the root issues and cause than some other mobilities and meditation. 


1️⃣Sound Bath Relaxation - Group - 

for insomnia, stresses, muscle tension. 


1 小時放鬆,改善你緊張、失眠、身體繃緊、輕鬆痛楚、心壓壓力情緒問題。


 2️⃣Sound journey - Group - soul exploration for a specific topic : clearing blockage for relationship, self identify, spiritual and financial issues / past life healing 


1.5 hrs 靈魂遊歷旅程,處理人生感情個人金錢靈性障礙、找出問題根源、探索靈魂心靈深處的信息、前世療癒。



3️⃣ Personalized Soul Journey to dig deeper to your unconscious mind 

Reprogramming, Clearing and deep healing for fear, anxiety, depression, all kind of issues except entireties and repossession. 





HKD 1500 / 1.5 hrs includes pre-and post talk



Couple therapy HKD 2222 per session for you two



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