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Lovers Bag for Twin Flame Soulmate

Lovers Bag for Twin Flame Soulmate


獨家雙生火焰/靈魂伴侶lovers 能量包 


配合生命之花符號 更有效助你達成愛情心願 


能讓能量頻率轉化和淨化 防止干擾 



擁抱是twin flame



也可放進其他物品/相片 吊咀/飾物調頻

向著圖案中心位置許願 放入紙張也可

放在家中便可 喜歡的話也可帶出街


Jan's Exclusive 

Twin Flame, Soulmate and Lovers Bag
They were created from love, reiki and blessings

It can help you with your love life by putting your beloved crystals or objects inside, then make a wish. 
Flower of Life is a very powerful sacred geometry for purification and protection.


Lovers bag- 2 crystals for love+ one love message for your journey

Hugging-Twin Flame

Wedding Rings-Lover/Soulmate


You could put anything inside as long as it is love related and make a wish 
You can just casually leave the bag at home or you are also wellcome to bring it with you

You are encouraged to put jewelries inside so you can wear them the next day


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