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財神到天珠 Super Cutie God of Wealth - 西藏瑪瑙天珠 All in One Collection Tibetan dzi beads

財神到天珠 Super Cutie God of Wealth - 西藏瑪瑙天珠 All in One Collection Tibetan dzi beads


同龍龜系列一樣,將傳統Modernize之餘 可以幫你配對能量!再講解分析 誰說天珠不能stylish💃

Super Cutie GOD of Wealth!




每天帶著財神在身上,帶著他上班、見客、跑數, 讓財神強大保護與能量完全融入生活中

有助開運 打開財路

When you always wanna manifest money, to connect with the frequency closer

What is better than wearing a god of wealth with you everyday, so you can be in the frequency










All in ONE Collection

Tibetan Buddhism - Dzi Beads made from Agate

They are very sacred and holy from Tibet. Believed that It can save you every obstacles, diseases, unfortunate and evil spirits.

Tibetan people, Tantric Buddhist, and many people all over the world have owned one, it has all the healing power in one bead.

Many people wear it everyday as an amulet. 

I have had my first bead for over 10 years, it is one of our “family symbolism” 
Most of my family members were gifted one from my aunt, they carried the love and blessing from my aunt, to all of us, so we can be blessed, loved, be healthy and happy.

It is touching love sharing tradition in our family.
After I have been to the Tibetan monastery in India and Nepal, my calling and connection with tibet has never been stronger since.

Therefore, I wanted to introduce these Tibetan gems to you all, to also inherited my family traction to you all. 
So you can send your deeper and greater blessing to your loved one.

All of them have been energetically cleansed and blessed with Mantra.

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