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Beauty Ritual

Self Love💜❤️

2021 要扮住靚咁過🥰

世界很亂 內心平靜 外在靚靚


其實這叫beauty ritual!


有個10年goal 是與fashion 大品牌可以有合作機會 關於wellness and fashion


今年/這幾個月 讓我看看如何merge self love and beauty 整個三部曲😍💜❤️

我能hea 沉醉 me time

好天蠍外在內在 但亦能非常人馬大膽


今天看到此post 的

Feminine energy 的


有時間快樂不用花費 扮靚也是

Masculine Energy 的

做一樣「無謂」「無目的」self care retreat

During the global pandemic, wellness and self care has become the new trend, it’s our daily routine for some of us.

Sometimes, all we need is a make over OUTSIDE

We do not need a healing like reiki or even simple meditation, you could heal your heart and enhance your vibration by modifying your body, appearance and outfit.

For self care or self love, a simply dressing up and spraying some perfume to feel sexy< Those are beauty ritual! How easy it is.

My 10-year-goal is to collaborate with some of the fashion brands and be their wellness consultant, hope I can manifest that!!! Right Now, for 2021, or this few months, I am planning to organize workshops/ a course merging beauty and self care together! Maybe a Self Care Trilogy!

For those of you who are reading this post, think of a beauty ritual for tomorrow! OR a self care ritual!!!

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