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How to take good care of your sacred Energy objects -  gemstones, crystals, tibetan objects, indian statue 

水晶聖物淨化保養 - 神像、佛教藏人用品



To take care our crystals and sacred objects, we need to purify and cleanse them daily or weekly.


If you were the same accessories and use some stones everyday, then you gotta clean them everyday



Your space and yourself too, try to cleanse and purify ourselves and space everyday

IF you were too busy, then try few times a week or once a week.

其實清理時間幾分鐘也可( 若有時間便細心長一點)


It only takes few mins, you can also close your eyes and be purified. 
(you can make it longer if you had time )

淨化清理方法 Different methods for cleansing or purification:


天然 -  太陽 、流水 Natural method Sun or Water

只是所有物品都不要曬+在水中 太長,15-20 分鐘也夠,盡可能一小時內

Don't put them under the sun or water for too long, I recommend 15-20mins, not longer than an hour.

Fragile like selenite can raw lepidolite  cannot be place under the water. 
Also avoid placing Rose quartz under the sun for too long as the color might change.  

月亮- 是叉電 頻率溫和 不是淨化

Moon is for energy charging not cleansing or purifying. 

鼠尾草 / 聖木強效煙薰 for 5-10 mins 

Sage or Palo Santo for strong smudging 

音樂 (所以水晶聖物及空間都非常適合 )

Music / High Frequency, suitable for all stones, objects and space


There are 3 links for strong cleansing, gentle purification and love frequency

強力清理 - 若水晶樂久沒帶 /空間自己能量不舒服 適用

Strong cleansing like fire to burn away all the negativities 

( you can listen to the other two after )










淨化類 - 水晶/空間/自己 regular 保養 ,像水一樣沖走負能量


Purify your space, crystals and yourself like water







加入能量調頻類 - 快樂幸福高頻 ,讓你正能量滿清、愛情美滿、身體健康、豐盛富有、招來人緣

Happiness, Love and Pure Energy for being more positive, joyful relationship, healthy life, abundance , attract good connections


You can come to me for energy cleansing or recharging, if your crystals needed help.

How to Connect With them 

無論你購買的是飾物/擺件,你也可以隨心戴在手上、放在袋仔帶出街、放在家中、公司 保平安及陪伴著你
No matter you bought jewelries or ornaments, you can freely feel whether you wanna wear them, bring them with you or just place them in your altar, desk or sacred space. 


If you wanna connect with them, try loving them, making wishes and talking to them more. 



If you wanted a healing from them , try to hold them in your hands, or connect with them in your space, them close your eyes, and ask " please bring healing energy ( love, healthy, abundance ) and protection to my space and myself" 

You can also add these kind of intentions to your objects before you wear them or bring them out. 

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