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Unicorn- the feather catcher

Unicorn- the feather catcher


你知道在地上看到羽毛🪶,不只是是天使祝福嗎? 其實獨角獸也常在我們生活中出現,有時看見純白羽毛,其實是獨角獸🦄️在召喚你啊,牠們說:「我係度呀☁️ 抬頭望我吖🌈我幫緊你加油啊」


獨角獸追夢系列,加入了勇氣與純真能量,陪著你飛去追逐夢想,幫助你能用soft and flexible 的能量去跟隨內心去闖🦄獨角獸能夠帶你飛到雲層上高角度看事件、亦能大利到彩虹中記起希望🌈也有像馬一樣的身體帶你去跑去衝🐎機會不等人🥰

在未打介紹時,也遇上了有緣人即場連結了藍色的一條🥰 Be Water 💦 Flow like a river 🌊



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Unicorn- the feather catcher collection

Do you know seeing a feather 🪶 isn’t just a sign from angels, it could be a calling from unicorn too🦄

Unicorns lives in a higher dimension, vibrate pure harmonious energy, which support us to enjoy joyful and happiness with purification. Usually when you are trying to pursue a dream, sacred or spiritual planning / calling, unicorn will come and support you to catch the opportunities without any fear☁️ when you stop overthinking, you stop creating fear!

Trust the divine, let your guardian unicorn 🦄 brings you clarity, push you to make action and fill you with faithful energy 💕

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