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Inner Goddess Flow

Inner Goddess Flow




你可以變得更好更健康,但你亦要接受- 如骨架、身型、眼睛大小是天生是最適合你的❤️

A lot of time when we try to lose weight or gain weight, work out or eat less, it’s because we don’t like our body the way they are right now.. we can work out and eat healthy, but you don’t do this out of the hatred of how your body look like right now, you do it for a healthy lifestyle 🌸❤️deeper connection with self


To love our body as we love others

To express who we are through learning to flow and twist 💃





You are not weak or fragile, you just haven’t found your perfect body alignment yet.


To connect with your inner goddess moment

來自vinyasa flow的concept 再加入心靈成長愛上自己作主題,帶領你愛上你的身體,愛上自己,跟住旋律擺動,找到屬於你的動作。

課堂會由淺至深,有練習strength 及放鬆拉筋動作,著重連結了解自己身體,適合所有人from beginner to advanced,自選難度💜❤️

Private lesson available

Through this moment, let’s find your goddess feminine essence

💃Inner Goddess Flow 75 mins HKD 350 / class

Feb 17 ( 7-8:15pm)

Every Saturday (3:15-4:30pm)

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