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連結天使女神合作 以兩種能量

為個案清除現有金錢障礙 個人內心的影響

然後設下清晰目標 觀想事業金錢豐盛

找出問題後 顯化出適合你的路



以冥想形式連結天使/Spirit 作療癒 你可照常做自己事情,以靜靜休息/一同冥想 過程大概20-30分鐘 完結後 便會給你一個事後報告 5-10分鐘感受分享。 療癒有機會引發情緒或身體反應, 讓身心自然抒發釋放

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    Career and abundance healing 
    Will connect you with two different energy from angel and goddess 
    First to clear the money blockage and your own thoughts from mind and mentally 
    Then will help you to manifest the scene you want and wish for, provide you with the suitable path 


    Just keep do your own things, relax or meditate with me, it takes around 20-30 mins, you might feel the dizzy or headache during the healing, those are natural, because reiki energy is like a chi ball, it enters your body. You might also feel the emotion and got some messages from spirits or angels.

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