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達摩黑曜石 Obsidian x Daruma Collection

達摩黑曜石 Obsidian x Daruma Collection


黑色 - 生意興隆、消災解厄、祈求成功 的達摩,給需要在賺錢工作生活上,需要吸走負能量,就有心機賺錢錢的你們💰🖤





有原色 / 鍍光系統令立立

達摩HKD XS 380 | S 508 | M 688 | L 1688

Special Abundance Blessing and Protection were added to this collection 🖤

🖤Obsidian x Daruma Collection

Bodhidharma (daruma), a Buddhism influenced Japanese lucky charm ( doll ). It was invented to model the founder of zen tradition.

🖤Obsidian x Daruma is very suitable for your sacred space, it’s for negative energy removal, it can also help avoiding energy vampires and your enemies to come to you. Also it attracts abundance and fortune 🥠

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