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愛心天使療癒翅膀 angelic heart with wings

愛心天使療癒翅膀 angelic heart with wings


Until the day you can heal yourself 🙏🏻🌷

👼🏼Angel’s heart 💕17cm

Angelic energy is always very soft yet supportive and powerful, I like invoking archangels a lot. They have been there for me since I have started the journey. I was very vulnerable with a broken heart, and angelic energy healed my wound and gave me power to heal myself and others.

Angelic Healing Energy for Anahata chakra and love, spiritual growth enhancing, were added to this piece

Raw Rose Quartz to keep the most pure energy

( matte surface with natural marks from stone )

HKD 2388

愛心療癒天使翼 給予你自癒與療癒別人的能量

天使能量是最溫柔又powerful, 非常適合療癒受傷、創傷及愛的主題🌸🙏🏻🌷 我踏上療癒路上時正值我心碎時,感恩當初遇上天使能量,為我作支持及療癒,渡過創傷心痛❤️‍🩹 天使教會我們療癒自己 療癒別人🙏🏻


磨砂面 還有天然石紋

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