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印度原礦精品魚眼石系列 - Somewhere over the Rainbow - Raw apophyllite from Indian Mine

印度原礦精品魚眼石系列 - Somewhere over the Rainbow - Raw apophyllite from Indian Mine


高能量高品質的 印度原礦精品魚眼石系列 -加入了彩虹能量

A Rainbow shaped fairy quartz - energy infused with love, hope, rainbow, sunshine, and faith.
There is always hope, there is always light, sunshine and rainbow, as well as rain.
Life is not only about being happy, sadness and challenges makes our life complete, it’s just we need to have faith, so we know - it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow

This unique piece is gonna helps you to go through the ups and downs in life, especially, when you feel hopeless and powerless.

它擁有一個非常夢幻的名字- fairy quartz 仙子水晶 (魚眼石家族)
全部都是原粒 冇打磨 一掘出來便是這個樣貌、有些更是鑽石魚眼。




HKD 3000

Raw Apophyllite from Indian Mine, stored in Himalayas

High Quality Apophyllite are rare and precious like art pieces. They have different shape and look, some of them are diamond apophyllite, as shiny as diamond. Some of them were formed by quartz in little square shape, some of them are like flowers.

The Energy is extremely high and healing, they were found from the mind in south west India, and the owner stored them at their house located in sacred Himalaya, they recharge them under the sun, and in full moon day. Among all the supplier I have met, the energy of their crystals are very clear, I don’t need to cleanse them much. They are even prettier after I stored them in my studio for ceremonies.

The energy is pure with High vibration, it transforms energy immediately, and you can use it for recharge, by putting it in your space or near the other crystals.
It is also a great healing stone, for heart, wound, love, emotional healing.

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