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Personalized Self healing 

Self Love Courage 




根據狀況處理現時2-3個問題 + 5分鐘心靈情緒咨詢 $450 



  1. 處理拆解現有的生活難處與人相處問題,當中包括因不夠愛自己而產生的情緒疲倦問題,例如被家人同事朋友伴侶情緒勒索。療癒中幫你清除受過的委屈忍受,再設立健康界線。

  2. 因自信心不足,常感到自卑,覺得別人總好過自己,以致日常生活前進不了,甚至失去了生命熱情。療癒中會幫你加入自信閃閃發亮。

  3. 有可能是信任問題,不相信自己/世界,沒膽量勇氣,導致不敢前進跨越,錯過失去了人生事業愛情機會,療癒中幫你加強勇氣向前行。

  4. 重要事件/人物裡 原諒自己與別人

Advance個人大清洗+迎來加開始祝福  1 hr- consultation $850



-先處理問題  例如以前小時候原生家庭的傷害


-處理現有人生問題恐懼 如上面的1/2/3/4/5例子

-療癒障礙 為將來鋪路 讓係尋回人生熱情 走下去  



完成後會有報告跟你講解過程 跟揚昇大師天使女神的合作🥰 

療癒工具包括 天使 女神 觀音 獨角獸 美人魚 各種靈氣 勇氣/雙生火焰/愛自己/靈魂伴侶/愛情/自信魅力/放下原諒/ 陰陽平衡


Self Healing
1. Self Love-Human tend to have issue on loving themselves fully, we wanted to fulfill and please others and we hurt ourselves. 

  1. Self Worth-Always feel like others are better than us, we can never be the best. It prevents us from success and know what we actually want. 

  2. Self Worth -Many blockages will be created when we are afraid to do something, or not trusting the world and ourselves enough, it could be from our personality or past events that stop us from being carefree and go forward. 

  3. Important People or Incidents that we need to let go and forgive. 

Basic Healing -20-30mins+ 5 mins consultation

Fix 2-3 current issues


Advance Clearing and Blessing 1hr $850 with self healing kit
-Solve the issues from the past (Family/School)

-Release the pain (Love)

-Current Issue 

-Clear the blockage in your life path so you can be blessed. 

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