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Couple Set - Love and stones - 虎眼石手串吊咀

Couple Set - Love and stones - 虎眼石手串吊咀



情人愛情系列- Love and stones.

If I had to describe my love for you, it would be stone, strong and steady.

It doesn’t break🦾

Once I love you, I’m not going to give up❤️🌸 let’s be mature and grow old together 🙏🏻🪨



維繫感情有時會遇上困難,但我愛你這個決定永不會變❤️一起成長,be a power couple. We will never stop loving ourself and each other 👫

Couple Set - HKD 888 虎眼頸鏈手鍊


Bracelet for him and pendulum for her

I carry you in my arms, I love you from my heart ❤️

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