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Beauty & Mermaid  - Embrace your true beauty jewelry collection美人魚

Beauty & Mermaid  - Embrace your true beauty jewelry collection美人魚




Style 1 - Mermaid in the ocean - the true beauty is always within you designed by Jan 


From the spacious ocean, I see you 

From the endlessly fairy tale, I connect with my hidden wonderland with faith 

From the support from my sisterhood, I have found myself with dream 


From HKD 650-700, connect with your true beauty 

Every bracelet is unique and made from love 




連結一條屬於你的true beauty 



Other Products

Style 2 - Sea your beauty  Express yourself 

在海底裏看見找到我 找到我與你

I have found myself here in the ocean 

I am you, you are me 

I connect and find myself through you 

I am the ocean, it’s me and you 


Mermaid tail ring HKD 128

Aquamarine necklace HKD 333 

Aquamarine perfume bottle HKD 128

Agalmatolite Bracelet HKD 398

Shell necklace HKD 108


Style 3 - Love yourself 

Mother Ocean - The precious relationship is the one with ourselves

Follow the wave and let yourself flow to the dreamland, the healing path for your inner child and your deep trauma 

喚醒你的少女心,呵護你的內在小孩,愛上你自己, 療癒內在創傷

Shell jewelry holder HKD 138 ( made from wax and crystals ) 

Morganite bracelet HKD 188

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