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香水-悲傷釋放 Energy Perfume

香水-悲傷釋放 Energy Perfume


#sljan產品product Eng Version➡️

最近Selflove Jan的新方向是希望融合art, fashion and beauty 的元素,讓我們在冥想靜心以外,把看不見的實體化,透過日常生活的簡單步驟去改變內在。看不見很抽象,別人亦難以明白,排解不了;透過感官五感,便能釋出與療癒,於是靈性香味系列誕生了!

Stay tuned for other self love and fashion news series.


在法國南部修讀香水marketing課程時,老師說最有名的香水師名為The Nose, 這不是靠背誦記資料的,而是天生的嗅覺,因為香水是藝術品。那時我有一個香水proposal, 名為A box of memory. 味道能讓我們憶起舊回憶,勾起帶動情緒與心情,於是我希望把香味融合靈性心靈療癒。往後的香味系列找來了Myosotis 店主一起合作,我們一位藝術情感與浪漫,一位爽直機智理性,一陰一陽沒有爭執,反而像平衡了的雙生火焰般,互補了大家的執著主觀與耐性,這樣的能量組合為香味帶來了中性的新鮮感。Myosotis 的香水特式是店主運用直覺與高我連結是持久味道有驚喜,基調與中調後調,有層次感越來越香。


情緒壓力就如垃圾,積累了一段時間總要釋放及轉化的。常說情緒釋放,可是內在感受看不見,講不出,難以表達及抒發。這次的香味名為悲傷釋放 Bury Your Broken Heart,某天我跟Myosotis店主說想到主題了,麻煩要一枝悲傷釋放,恰巧那天他超級悲傷💧那是初稿,最具代表性的是加入了代表苦澀悲痛的沉香味後加入風信子薰衣草中和味道帶來陣陣甜,就像生活中再悲傷也要堅強;過了一陣子,Jan連結高我後最後加入了Whirte Must+Ocean,就像悲傷過後的釋然放下。



平日也容易傷心 希望找到位置抒發

某些久遠事情不能放下 可用它作一個冥想



Energy Exchange- HKD180/10ml , 30ml/$380


Aromatic Healing Series- Bury Your Broken
Thanks for loving our products, by combining some easy techniques, I am happy that it helps! This beautiful soul gathered Apache tears, candles she bought and healing skills she learnt to heal herself! Happiness comes after sadness!

  • English Info.

    The new direction for Selflove Jan is going to be merging with art, fashion and beauty, so we can turn our “vision” in meditation to something “visible” and solid. We can heal and transform our inner issue from outside by turning them into art piece, personal style and sense.  While I was studying a fragrance course in Southern France, our teacher told us the most popular perfumer is called the Nose, because they are those born with talent of smell and feeling, because perfumes are art creations. At the end of the course, my fragrance proposal called “A box of Memory” Aroma and odor are intwined with memories and emotions, they affect our mood and  affection. Therefore, I wanted to combine spiritual wellness and aroma together. The Aromatic Healing Series is the collaboration between Selflove Jan and Myosotis, we are like twin flame, one of us is very feminine, artistic and sentimental, while another one is down to earth, knowledgeable and pragmatic, our yin and yang balanced our weaknesses, so our perfumes are refreshing and unique. Myosotis is special for its long lasting and layering perfume. Emotions and stresses are like trash, you must clear and transform them regularly. Emotional release is vague and abstract, some people are struggling to master the art of self healing. Bury your broken heart is our new aroma, to assist you with releasing and purging, so you can be free and calm. One day I told Myosotis, that I finally came up with the theme of our first perfume-sadness release, it was incredible synced,  because she was upset from work that day. She added black agar to be the main aroma representing the bitter sadness, with the smell of lavender and hyacinth to embellish the strength, like we still have to work and live with our broken heart. After a while, I connected to my higher self, and added White Must and Ocean like the whole process when we feel relieved after the heart broke.

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