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招財開光 龍龜 dragon turtle Guardian for wealth

招財開光 龍龜 dragon turtle Guardian for wealth


皇牌招財鎮宅系列- 每隻龍龜/貔貅都擁有中式師傅的開光+Jan西式能量調頻及連結+附送事業金錢報告,找尋屬於你靈魂的合適賺錢方法,所以每個系列每隻都有獨特強大能量🖤🐢 Jan也將它們現代心靈化及挑選特別外型顏色的🥰 加上每一款都有個專屬故事❤️不再只是傳統風水中式擺件,它們樣貌能量都可愛埋😍望住都療癒了

Dragon 🐉 Turtle 🐢

The Ancient Chinese Guardian for health, wealth, and protection for the space

These dragon turtles are all blessed by a Chinese master and energy charged by my abundance goddess ceremonies with mantra and high frequency

In Chinese culture, they would be used for feng shui decoration to protect the houses and companies, and especially for financial wealth, they attract money on a right path/ method. And they vibrate the positive vibes

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