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全效閃電五眼天珠- Antique Thunder 5-eyes Dzi Beads- 西藏瑪瑙天珠 All in One Collection Tibetan

全效閃電五眼天珠- Antique Thunder 5-eyes Dzi Beads- 西藏瑪瑙天珠 All in One Collection Tibetan


同龍龜系列一樣,將傳統Modernize之餘 可以幫你配對能量!再講解

全效雙白線閃電五眼天珠 快速能量轉換的聖物


罕有的種類,五眼集齊地水火風空 與五路財神的能量


也像藏傅佛教 十字金剛杵,帶來強大保護力,帶來能量,招財穩財守財



Antique Thunder 5-eyes Dzi Beads

All in ONE! Life Transformation 
5- represents the 5 elements on earth, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space

We need to balance our own elements, as a healthy foundation, so we can be healed, so we can manifest!

5- also represents the five gods of prosperity, attract money, save money, be happy, you can have it all as guardians

Also, the symbol looks like the double thunderbolt, it provide strong protection.

This dpi can help us balance our elements, so we have the base to transform quickly, instantly like thunder!

Also to instantly attract and manifest the life we really want, you have all the blessing, guidance and guardians you need. 
you can meditate with it, get the healing and charging energy from it










All in ONE Collection

Tibetan Buddhism - Dzi Beads made from Agate

They are very sacred and holy from Tibet. Believed that It can save you every obstacles, diseases, unfortunate and evil spirits.

Tibetan people, Tantric Buddhist, and many people all over the world have owned one, it has all the healing power in one bead.

Many people wear it everyday as an amulet. 

I have had my first bead for over 10 years, it is one of our “family symbolism” 
Most of my family members were gifted one from my aunt, they carried the love and blessing from my aunt, to all of us, so we can be blessed, loved, be healthy and happy.

It is touching love sharing tradition in our family.
After I have been to the Tibetan monastery in India and Nepal, my calling and connection with tibet has never been stronger since.

Therefore, I wanted to introduce these Tibetan gems to you all, to also inherited my family traction to you all. 
So you can send your deeper and greater blessing to your loved one.

All of them have been energetically cleansed and blessed with Mantra.

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